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The area of advisory services includes

Business Valuation : Valuation reporting

We provide consulting services for valuation engagements as well as for calculation engagements. Based on the purpose and requirement of client, we provide:

  • Comprehensive report
  • Limited “Abbreviated” report
  • Fairness opinion
  • Review of an Appraisal

Comprehensive report: A report which requires analysis of Business data- qualitative & Quantitative, review of Industry/sector & economy, consideration of various appraisal techniques and based on all these to estimate the VALUE by applying relevant technique/s.

Limited “Abbreviated” report: A report which requires specific consideration only as per need of client. Like- owner may require calculating the firm value based on his forecast by application of any specific technique (like DCF) only. - Or for limited purpose of finding the tangible worth of Company only.

Fairness opinion: A report which requires the opinion of Appraiser on fairness of specific value or range of value quoted by a client or any other appraiser. The opinion does not express a specific value; rather it states whether or not appraiser feels the value offered is fair or not.

Review of an Appraisal: A report to review and comment on valuation derived/ obtained by client or any other appraiser. It is generally in form of letter describing the review and critiques.

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