The promoters are serving the Society through their own channel which includes:

Sanskar Sadhana Home Science Activities:

Under the guidance and supervision of Shri M. P. Shah (promoter of Steelite group), this charitable cause aims to provide vocational trainings to economically poor or middle class students to make them knowledge rich and self dependent. In the economic capital of India, at NALASOPARA, it conducts at free of charges, several courses like Beauty Parlour Course, hand embroidery, Fabric work, Sewing / stitching course, Jardoshi technique, English speaking, Mahendi, Epic work and basic Computer courses.

It also provides at very moderate fees, some specialized trainings like dancing, Bakery products, glass paintings, flower making, Pot making, Crosio work, wax decoration, Soft toys making, specialized computer courses like DTP and TALLY etc.

More than 800 beneficiaries are taking the benefit from this charitable cause and Shri Shah is planning to expand the network of his social activities segment wise as well as geometrically.

Social Aid Force:
(a Campaign promoted by Natalwala Charitable Foundation)

The trust aims to serve in area of medical assistance, contributing on educational development, relief to poor and social improvements as well as assisting for development of the rural sector. It believes in team work and involvement of MASS for assisting a mass. A little contribution (may it be in terms of finance or time or social activity or knowledge sharing) by a group of society can help large portion of another group of the society suffering on part of lack of these. “We ” is always a plural of “ I ”. Our always exceeds Mine.

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